Musings of Spring Autumn

21st Century Entitlement

Greg Gopman, how very disappointing. With your experience, access, and networks, you could have made a positive impact or provide some thoughtful ideas to fix things. Instead, you’ve shown us what 21st century entitlement looks like.

When time permits, read about Malala Yousafzai. Her compassion, intelligence, and ballsy-ness will teach you a thing or two.

Autumn. Transitions.

Autumn. Transitions.

Autumn. Rouge.

Autumn. Rouge.

Through the Wormhole: Global Network’s Effects on Humans

When a school loses a high percentage of teachers, what happens to the kids they leave behind?

Guest Post: Teacher turnover - who stays and who leaves

A researcher shed light on that question, and a former teacher shared a solution, at a EWA National Seminar panel on teacher turnover. 

The researcher, Susanna Loeb of the Stanford Graduate School of Education, said the teacher turnover problem has been well-documented: One in three teachers leaves the profession within five years. 

Safe Haven

As if it were the Fall of Saigon all over again
I hand you off to the hands of the stranger I don’t know
And I find solace in knowing that you will be confined
Until I return again to your vibrant smile and squiggly embrace.

Stand with Malala. The Bravest Girl in the World

From A World at School:

At this moment there are 57 million children without access to education and millions more who aren’t learning in school. Working together, we can lower that number to zero by 2015.

On July 12 — less than a year after she was shot by the Taliban for her strong voice in this fight — Malala Yousafzai will mark her 16th birthday by delivering the highest leadership of the UN a set of education demands written by youth, for youth, to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

We can’t stand on the UN floor next to Malala — but we can all stand with her. Sign this letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to show your demand for emergency action in support for Malala’s education fight.

Sign the letter to demand action in support of Malala’s fight for education.

Tap, Tap, Tap. Thump.

When the baby sleeps: pound out as many emails as you can. Then collapse.

Hold Your Loved Ones as Dear

At Stanford, we welcomed scores of talented students from all over the world, including many who match the profiles of the two young female students from China who passed away from this weekend’s tragedy on Asiana Airlines, Flight 214. I can’t even imagine what their families are going through - may they find some comfort for now. Please hold your loved ones dear.

I immediately thought of Clara…The following is a video story I created with my wonderful digital productions team. Clara was a student from China and had a lot of spirit - and was accepted to the High School Summer College Program. Students like her make Stanford Summer Session valuable, and unforgettable. But it is the optimism and courage that this young lady had that makes her family and friends from back home so proud. And I was too.

Home-made granola by my nieces.

Home-made granola by my nieces.

Director of Plumbing

Strategizing is extremely important when there’s a need to reflect, to plan, to rebuild, to execute - and to grow.

In addition to all the talk we hear about strategizing and conceptualizing - it is equally vital that we are capable of taking off our watches - rolling up our sleeves - and getting our hands deep in the work.

When the kitchen and wait staff call in sick, the chef gets ready to chop and serve.

Seth's Blog: The confrontation waiting to happen

It’s not between you and your boss, your critics, your editor, your competition, your spouse or some other outsider.

The essential confrontation, of course, is with yourself.

One of my favorite video featurettes that I created with my digital team. I’m thinking about the students that will be arriving on the Stanford campus this weekend - and am very proud of the work that the entire Stanford Summer Session team has done the past year to welcome our future thinkers and leaders. Students - welcome. And make us proud.